Sunday, November 25, 2012

Steinski "What Does It All Mean?"

...1983-2006" PITCHFORK 8.7!! Steinski has produced a variety of tracks & this Illegal Art retrospective collects everything from his hip-hop narrative about the Kennedy assassination to the 1998 remix of Afrika Bambaataa's Jazz with Double Dee. Besides the completist archive, the release will also includes the critically acclaimed Nothing To Fear: A Rough Mix, an hour-long mashup that was produced for Solid Steel/BBC London, described by Salon as, the closest thing to a masterpiece the genre has yet produced and perhaps the most obvious precursor (along with The Lessons) to Girl Talk's Night Ripper.

My niece's first beat

I made this over the winter break last year using a Lou Rawls break and some iPhone samples of her voice.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Express Rising

Express Rising’s basic modus operandi consists of graceful, iridescent organ loops and extended drum breaks, the latter possibly lifted from his vast collection of 45’s. Comparisons to DJ Shadow are unavoidable, but while Davis’ songs often spiral out of control, Carfagna prefers to let the needle glide unfettered along the groove. Quaaludal tangents provide flavor, but never at the expense of mood. At their blandest, the beats are soporific, but at their best, they can be absolutely hypnotizing.
Much of Express Rising rings with melancholy, or at the very least, nostalgia. To say Carfagna is a student of the game is an understatement, and his lonesome piano on “Keys to Be” and languid procession on “Capsize” reveal a man lost in admiration of those who’ve come before. One of the wonders of instrumental hip hop is its ability to usurp machismo’s methodology and turn it into a venue for sensitivity and reflection. In that vein, portions of Express Rising are downright overwhelming. “Cardinal, Fly How?” is one such occasion.
While the BPMs never escalate past 90, Carfagna does cut a few rugs on Express Rising. “Comfortable With Failure” and “Dead Mall” ride funky backbeats that toy with syncopation before returning to the ‘one’ without fail. “Neighborhood (Gentrified)” is a remix of the album’s opener, complete with an Indian mode and the meanest break on the album – a blissful syncopated world of bass drum, snare and high-hat that thankfully continues into the ether long after accompanying loops have faded away.
Express Rising’s relative sedateness is a significant departure from the electric funk of Chains’ favorites like “I Believe I Found Myself Today” or “Fuck the Police”, but this shift in dynamics and rhetoric only furthers Memphix’s mercurial mystique. No longer just notorious, the Memphix crew have demonstrated with Express Rising they can take also solace in serenity
By Otis Hart

The Sweet Talks "Kusum Beat"

Nice worldly afrobeat...

Oddisee "Mental Liberation"

Not a big fan of the cover art, but I'm really feeling this music. Big up to Luis at Amoeba for putting me on to this guy!


Given the recent inspiration of summer being upon us teachers and long overdue for sharing some recent favorites I made a mix for all you to enjoy!

Slowly – Max Sedgley
Dancers In Creed – Sketchie
One Day – DJ Alibi
Samba International – DJ Alibi
The Instigator – Romanowski
Scratch’s Skank Pt. 2 – E’s E
Your Dancing Feet Are Always On My Couch – DJ Platurn
Kick It – Sleeve & Lowman
Sqezy Soul – Bushy
On Your Feet – Captain Planet
Roll Call – Random Heroes
Canciones Modernas Medley – Zavala
On The Ceiling – Dolphin Boy
Shake It Loose – Dolphin Boy

Void Pedal "Omni Colour"

By far my favorite instrumental hip hop and electronic album of 2011.  A must listen that is about as organic as electronic stuff can sound...if that makes sense.  HIGHLY recommended!  EVERYONE I've played this for has been into it...even those who aren't into hip hop beats.

Available on vinyl through Fieldwerk Records.


Nothing "Twilight Zone & Tokyo EPs"

Nice thematic EPs from a local Bay Area artist.  Big up to E. Lit for hipping me to this...


Joe Beats + Sage Francis = Non Prophets

Another one of my favorite producers teaming up with Sage Francis.

Monday, November 12, 2012

Don't Stop!!!!!! Deejays Hopper & Guests

I hosted a party called Don't Stop at Amnesia for almost 6 years.  After deejaying there the other week I was reminded that I had made some mixes to promote the party.  They are pretty eclectic, but are definitely fun and worth taking a listen to.  So here you go...enjoy!!!!!!

Volume 6
Volume 5
Volume 4
Volume 3
Volume 2
Volume 1

Maker kills it again and again

This guy just doesn't quit impressing me with his great samples and bangin' drum programming.

Ben Westbeech

Plain and simple, this music is feel-good and the track "So Good Today" is a personal favorite no doubt!

Arkestra One

Anyone know of another album put out by these guys?

Backini "Threads"

This album is fantastic and a new favorite no doubt!

Jim Sullivan "U.F.O"

A really wonderful album that is a perfect blend of strange, funky, orchestral folk tunes that are ideal for a road trip.

The story behind the music:

Charles Bradley "No Time For Dreaming"

Backed by one of my favorite live bands these days (i.e., Menahan Street Band)...

The Fabulous Three "The Best of..."

Very quirky funk with tinges of reggae, soul, jazz, and afrobeat!

Blu "Her Favorite Colo(u)r"

A little repetitive, but some great jazzy hip hop.

Diamond District

I've been sleeping on this one...

Josh Martinez "Buck Up Princess"

I recently rediscovered this album which was originally given to me by a appropriate aye? Anyhow, this album is good from start to finish so please soak it up!

Blue Scholars

Representing the northwest and some great beats, rhymes, and rice as they put it...

Neila "Only This One Counts"

Recently a string of events (going to Amoeba Berkeley and talking to an employee about hip hop) led me to purchase this colorful album and eventually get put on to her art skills (

If you don't know our friend Neila she is an amazing artist, musician and human being. This is her best work to date and super limited. She was recently diagnosed with vocal cord cancer and had to undergo surgery. Hence, this is her LAST ALBUM with her real voice. LIMITED EDITION COLOR VINYL
Production by Rezult, feat. dj handprints,& dj skid

To purchase, paypal $15, your physical address and your email address

And check her out:

Archetype "Red Wedding"

These guys are nice and I highly recommend you check them out given they no longer will be putting stuff out according to what I read online.

Jon Kennedy "Strengthen The Roses"

A collection of unreleased material from one of my favorite electronic artists...


Adeem "Volume to the Ground"

The only religious rappers I can support with beats that'll blow your wig...


Zavala "Vessel Instrumentals"

Zavala is one of my favorite new producers and really did hip hop justice by putting this out.  There's a vocal/rap version also available if your like Onry Ozzborn.  The duo is known as Dark Time Sunshine and will be putting out a new album called "Anx" soon.