Saturday, November 30, 2013

Day In, Day Out - A DJ Day compilation (pt. 2)

Shortly after I made "All Day Long", DJ Day put out his sophomore album on the Piecelock 70 label.  Needless to say, I had to revisit and tweak the original mix to not only tighten it up, but also include tracks from his banging new album.  So without further "adu", please take a listen and give support the man who recently released a Serato record with remixes from the album "Land of 1000 Chances".

Watch Land of 1000 Chances
Watch VQ

1. Boots in the Pool
2. W-E-L-O-V-E
3. Land of 1000 Chances
4. Intro (Wrap It Up B)
5. Down Dumbing (Day Remix)
6. A Place To Go
7. Trippin’ At The Disco (Day remix)
8. Mas Pas (Day remix)
9. First Step
10. In Love
11. Four Hills (remix)
12. Sunday
13. Ode to a Fiend
14. Fuss & Fight
15. Learnin’ To Fly
16. Mama Shelter
17. Green Fin
18. VQ
19. Chinaski's Theme
20. Close Your Eyes
21. Adu

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Go Ahead Buck!

After a recent concert to see Buck 65 at Mezzanine in San Francisco I was reminded of what a clever cat he was.  It was inspiring to see a Canuck mix jazz, blues, funk, folk, etc. and make it sound hip hop.  His musical craft is quite inspiring and I took it upon myself to mix a hodgepodge of his tunes that struck a chord with me.


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