Friday, July 12, 2013

Good Times with Maker

Producer extraordinaire Maker was on my list for a long overdue mix.  I finally got around to putting it together this summer with motivation coming from two new releases (i.e., Maker vs. Now Again 2 and Qwel & Maker "Beautiful Raw").  It's just good ole banging drum-heavy beats with an occassional mc to boot.  Enjoy...

1. Summer Times Pt. 2
2. Down Dumbing
3. Sundancer
4. Break Bread
5. Body Bash
6. So Be It (Instrumental)
7. Backstage Pass
8. Deuce Deuce
9. Abracadabra
10. Monument
11. The Elevens
12. Pilfer
13. New Scents
14. Gambling Man
15. Streetstrut
16. Live It
17. Fire That Burns
18. Cookie Cutter
19. Walk Away Son
20. Let's Go Ahead & Go Do That
21. Shout
22. Come Home With Me
23. Good Times

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